Experience the solution that allows you to master your condominium !

« Set up and manage your condominium online »

RedLeafCondo is an Internet service dedicated to real estate condominiums (vertical or horizontal, residential or tertiary). It offers an efficient, effective solution to corporations and their boards of directors, for following and managing their condominium. It's a concrete solution to difficulties and issues encountered by condominiums.

« Federate all stakeholders in your condominium »

RedLeafCondo is aimed at co-owners and board members, but also at renters, management companies (managers), and other parties. All stakeholders join within a common environment, have access to the same information, and handle the same files. They can express themselves, participate in orientations, help solve problems, and become defenders of the condominium.

« A service complementary to that of managers »

Your condominium on RedLeafCondo is a private, secure space that co-owners and residents can access in total independence of corporation managers. Thanks to our platform, you will take control of your condo, while not excluding the services of your manager (which remain vital). RedLeafCondo even allows managers to take part in the online management of your condominium.

« A social network for co-owners and mutual help »

RedLeafCondo connects real-estate condominiums through its inter-condominium network (the ICN). Boards of directors and co-owners can exchange information, seek help and skills, and quickly find answers to questions. The network provides a means for mobilizing people about important topics and issues related to condominiums.

« Practical, simple and fast tools for your condo »

RedLeafCondo offers a modern and particularly innovative service. All tools have been thought up and conceived by co-owners and administrators with a practical approach that focuses on the condominium. The tools are simple, practical, fast, and easy to use on a daily basis. The service also provides a contextual help system for people who are not as comfortable on the Web.

« An investment for your condominium »

Adopting RedLeafCondo means building a sustainable digital version of your condominium by providing a structured, coherent and perennial framework. All stakeholders will be able to participate and collaborate efficiently. The life and management of your condo becomes easier. At last you improve visibility, save time, and handle things with serenity.

Testimonies from co-owners and board members of condominiums

temoignage - photo We use RedLeafCondo to organize our condominium. The online tools are very practical, and they are easy to use. Everyone in our condo has adopted the website. Nicolas Board member Montréal
copropriété : témoignage 1 The condominium needed modern and online tools in order to ensure proper communication among co-owners and residents. After searching a while, we found the right set of tools with RedLeafCondo. Charles Board member Québec
copropriété : témoignage 2 RedLeafCondo allows us to exchange messages quickly, contact board members and managers in one click. It allowed me to get a clear view and really follow what's happening in our condo. Sarah Co-owner Montréal
copropriété : témoignage 3 Real Estate and condominiums are fields where our investments are poorly protected. RedLeafCondo is the Swiss army knife of the condominium. Marc-Antoine Co-owner Rennes (France)